Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Your Home

The large number of agents working to get your home or property sold with qualified buyers.
I provide a current market analysis of comparable homes or properties that have sold in the area to arrive at a price.
Current Market Analysis, Comparable Market Analysis, and Homes or properties sold are terms of a CMA.
It is not necessary when I provide a seller a CMA.
I can provide a seller a list of active comparable homes on the market at any time.
I will tour your home and give suggestions to make it more appealing to buyers. We can discuss minor or major changes according to your budget.
I can give you average days on market in your area.
Always keep it clean, neat, and bright inside with great curb appeal.
The average is 40 to 75 days. (This is negotiable.)
Yes, that would be a separate agreement called a Personal Property Agreement.

You must disclose the item to buyer and then repair or replace the item to same working condition at the time of the offer.

A day or two prior to closing.

Keep them in a safe place for several years. The Closing Statement is needed for your tax return. If you cannot locate the Closing Statement at tax time I or Property Brokers of Minnesota keeps a file with it.

  • Contingency
  • Disclosure
  • Exclusive Listing Agreement
  • Listing Contract
  • Buyer Contract
  • Purchase Agreement / P.A.
  • HOA
  • Earnest Money
  • Pending or Escrow
  • Closed / Sold